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Mental Coaching and Support

One of my friends was undergoing mental training for improving her game of golf. Somehow she started losing interest after a while in the program. She had signed up for [...]

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Perfectionists Beware!

If you are someone who is not satisfied with his or her performance at work or in personal life anytime, you might be a perfectionist. You always aim to be [...]

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Celebrities Need Mental Training Too

There are so many people in our society who think that celebrities live a lavish life having all the comforts and they don’t require mental training. But the fact is [...]

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Take one day at a time

When you are playing a game, focus totally on that particular shot or pitch for the time being. Never bring the past failures, future upcoming events and your weaknesses in [...]

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Overcome Fear of Failure and Win

There are many athletes around the world who are scared to lose. This means they need mental training in this regard. You must dare to take a chance and some [...]

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Mental Training Hints Galore

While there are so many mental coaches out there with their online lessons, all of us might not be interested in paying up for such things. All such online resources [...]

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A Mental Coach- David Kenward

The Mental Coach is an online mental training program for people from all backgrounds and ages. It is developed by David Kenward who has been into sports competition for quite [...]

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Mental Training for Alzheimer’s Prevention

Of late, there have been discussions that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented by mental training exercises. These exercises involve daily workouts consisting of mental calculations, memorizations and enigmas that aid [...]

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Mental Training Techniques

Usually all the athletes, swimmers, golfers, and tennis players resort to mental training techniques. All of such techniques might have a different name, but they boil down to the same [...]

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Be Optimistic For Mental Training

I have seen many people who are constantly complaining about anything under the sun- right from their health, kids, job, average looks etc! These people cannot be mentally tough even [...]

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